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Open data

The Biochemical Society and Portland Press are committed to the principles of open scholarship and are working to implement practices and models that support a more open research culture, which includes our Data Policy.

Data sharing is essential to research: it upholds the integrity of experimental findings and represents the foundation of trust within science. The strides we’ve made with our Data Policy ensure that research can be shared to support further understanding and advancement. An outline of our Policy demonstrates our commitment to open practices. 

Making our data more open

  • All of our research journals are adopters of FAIRsharing
  • The findings published in any research article across our journals must be replicable
  • Data deposition is mandatory for certain datasets and strongly encouraged for all others
  • Our authors must agree to make any supporting materials, data, code and associated protocols (relating to their published research) available to bona fide researcher or reader requests 
  • All information necessary for independent replication of experiments should be provided within the body of research articles
  • All research articles require a Data Availability Statement to be included on submission
  • Portland Press has partnered with Figshare to provide journal-specific data repositories where supporting datasets can be published free of charge when linked to an article published in one of our participating research journals. The Portal is available here.

Devised for the benefit of researchers

  • Compliance with funder mandates 
  • Reducing duplication effort, thus investing in data integrity 
  • Supporting transparency in research 
  • Supporting peer reviewers 
  • Increased citations  

Further details on what to consider when submitting your work can be found via our full Data Policy.
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