Principles of Tumors by Leon P. Bignold is an excellent textbook for any student or academic interested in tumours and lesions. Written in a detailed way that is easy for everyone to understand from all backgrounds and levels of expertise it leads you through in a logical structure, so you get the basic understanding which is built upon as you go through the textbook. As a master’s student studying genetics, this book has come in really useful as I was able to build my knowledge and understand further while also sparking an interest in oncology and how the oncogenes play a role in the mechanism that lead to the development of tumours. This textbook has also introduced me to the treatment methods for cancers and tumours in a high level of detail that is written in a way which is easy to understand, and the images used such as ultrasounds and X-rays from patients allow us to see this in a real-world scenario and how these images are used for the diagnosis and the types of techniques that are used for treatment. This is a book that I would highly recommend for anyone interested in oncology and the development of tumours.