Ah… Christmas in London! But it seems the science was the biggest draw, as delegates came from around the world to listen to two medal lectures, and attend the Annual Symposium in honour of Alan Barrett, Proteases and the Regulation of Biological Processes. The Annual Symposium will be published as part of the Biochemical Society Symposia Series in the summer. Other colloquia included Polyamines and their Role in Human Disease, Human Ageing: from the Bench to the Clinic, Sulphotransferases in Glycobiology, Drug Discovery and Design, and Proteasome Interactions with Viral and Cellular Proteins. The Research Colloquium for young scientists was once again very popular, this time concentrating on Biological Functions of Sulphated Glycoproteins. Unusually, no dancing was observed at this meeting, but there was plenty of eating, with each colloquium having its own dinner.

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