Since moving into a shared building in 2009, the Biochemical Society (BS), British Ecological Society (BES) and Society for Experimental Biology (SEB) have worked together on a portfolio of joint ventures. The first joint Society conference took place in January at Charles Darwin House, London, and proved to be a great start to 2011 and the Biochemical Society Centenary celebrations. Organizing a joint conference between Societies can be a challenge and a workable model for joint events takes time to agree. Publication rights need to be discussed and budgets approved. In addition, the operational aspects of running joint events often mean that each Society must amend its practices, procedures and culture. On top of that, to keep the event truly joint, care must be taken at every stage of the planning process to ensure the science is cross-disciplinary, and that sessions are not biased towards one of the organizing Societies. Undeterred, the three Societies committed to running a joint conference, and agreed that maintaining communications every step of the way was the key to success. Regular planning meetings were helped in no small part by the fact that we can now holler over our shared office space at Charles Darwin House!

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