Earlier this year one of the first Biochemical Society-supported Training Days took place at the University of East Anglia (UEA). The opportunity to host a practical handson event based upon ‘Biophysical Techniques for Probing Biological Systems’ was provided by the well-established Centre for Molecular and Structural Biochemistry (CMSB). This centre which straddles the Schools of Chemistry and Biological Sciences at UEA offers world-leading research across a unique range of biophysical techniques including NMR, EPR, CD, MCD, protein electrochemistry and rapid reaction kinetics. Well over 30 students from around the UK attended and received hand-on experience and dedicated instruction from world-leading experts in all these techniques. One of the organisers, Fraser MacMillan, said “the event was an overwhelming success and plans are already afoot to repeat this training event, which also receives key CPD credits, on a regular basis”.

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