I would like to introduce myself as Chair of the Basic Bioscience Theme Panel (BBTP). This panel and role was newly created in March 2017 as part of restructuring that took place within the Biochemical Society to improve the scientific meeting application and review process. The BBTP is the largest of the three new Theme Panels that were created and sits above six existing Research Area committees. The Research Areas are Genes, Molecular Structure and Function, Energy and Metabolism, Cells, Signalling and Biological Systems. The Research Areas provide broad representation across the Molecular Biosciences, the area of science championed by the Biochemical Society (it's not just Biochemistry!). The Chairs of the six Research Areas are members of the BBTP which meets four times a year. As Chair of the BBTP I am also a trustee of the Biochemical Society so take part in key discussions relating to the strategy and operations of the Biochemical Society at its Council Meetings that take place four times a year.

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