Think Tank is a book that should be read by anyone interested in the brain, whatever their scientific background. Forty prominent neuroscientists from across the globe have contributed to the five main chapters – all with different expertise and thoughts on how the brain fits into modern science and medicine. Each expert describes the brain and how it aligns with an aspect of neurobiology that interests them, showing the reader ultimately that the mechanical workings of the human brain are simply staggering.

The book is an excellent step between the public and scientists, breaking down some of the more complex topics in neuroscience. As the chapters are read, the writers gently break down some of the key aspects of biology that underlie every experience we have – from the genetics and biology surrounding brain development, evolution, communication with the body and the senses, to the social aspects of subconscious thoughts, interpretation of information and decisions.

Although referring to specialized concepts such as the interactions between neurotransmitters and the brain structure itself, these can be easily understood whilst reading by layman and scientist alike. This is all delicately intertwined by speculation surrounding what the future may hold in terms of modern therapeutics and medical advances, answering many of the questions about the human brain that people have been asking for centuries.