15 December 2023, University of York, UK

The 2023 Christmas Bioenergetics Meeting was a big success. We had 80 attendees in person in York and about 20 on Zoom. The quality of the talks was very high and all got good questions. The talks were oversubscribed and chosen at random and there was a full range from across the bioenergetics spectrum.

The Biochemical Society funding supported a number of prizes presented at the meeting. Attendees voted on the best talk and poster. The Society was promoted in the chair’s introductory talk, with particular emphasis on the importance of society journals both for rigorous peer review and to support the Biochemical Society.

The major scientific discussion was around de novo design of bioenergetic enzymes, which is a new and emerging area that is clearly finding its time. It was the subject of not only the plenary talk but also several speakers and posters. Beyond that, there was an excellent mix of topics (respiration, photosynthesis and transport) and techniques (cryo-EM, organism-level approaches and protein design), with talks from across the UK.

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