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Current Issue
Volume 477,
Issue 13,
July 17, 2020

Chair of the Editorial Board

David Carling

MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences, UK

Biochemical Society and Portland Press suspend paywalls on all published content >

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the inability of most researchers across the World to access their laboratories, the Biochemical Journal wishes to emphasize its long-standing painless publishing strategy. To help limit delays in dissemination of important work and our progress as an academic community, we are keen to ensure that our fellow scientists are not asked to carry out unnecessary (e.g. confirmatory) experiments in order to publish during this difficult period.  We will be reminding external referees of this policy, asking them to help support the work and careers of our colleagues by adhering to it as they review for the Journal.

Exploring the molecular mechanisms that underpin key biological processes, the Biochemical Journal has been at the forefront for over 100 years


Led by Professor David Carling, the Biochemical Journal Editorial Board is made up of leaders in the field from across the globe


With so many journals to choose from in the field of biochemistry alone, Chair of the Editorial Board, David Carling, talks about why you should submit your paper to the Biochemical Journal.

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Portland Press and the Biochemical Society is committed to open scholarship, including open access, open data and transparency


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