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Accepted Manuscripts

Research Article August 2 2021
Conservation of endo-glucanase 16 (EG16) activity across highly divergent plant lineages
Biochem J (2021) BCJ20210341.
Research Article August 2 2021
Engineering potassium activation into biosynthetic thiolase.
Biochem J (2021) BCJ20210455.
Research Article July 27 2021
The kinetics of islet amyloid polypeptide phase separated system and hydrogel formation are critically influenced by macromolecular crowding
Biochem J (2021) BCJ20210384.
Research Article July 15 2021
PARP7 mono-ADP-ribosylates the Agonist Conformation of the Androgen Receptor in the Nucleus
Biochem J (2021) BCJ20210378.
Research Article July 14 2021
Investigation of the specificity and mechanism of action of the ULK1/AMPK inhibitor SBI-0206965
Biochem J (2021) BCJ20210284.
Research Article June 16 2021
GlmS mediated knock-down of a phospholipase expedite alternate pathway to generate phosphocholine required for phosphatidylcholine synthesis in Plasmodium falciparum
Biochem J (2021) BCJ20200549.
Research Article September 29 2008
WITHDRAWN: Curcumin, a dietary polyphenol, emerges as a novel inhibitor of DNA topoisomerase I of kinetoplastid parasite Leishmania donovani
Biochem J (2008)
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