1. The effect of injected ethionine on liver GSH concentrations was studied in male and female rats. 2. Liver GSH concentrations were markedly and consistently decreased in 5hr. and elevated within 24–44hr. By 72hr. the amount of liver GSH of ethionine-poisoned rats had the same values as saline-injected control rats. At no time was erythrocyte GSH concentration affected by ethionine. 3. The concentrations of non-protein thiol compounds, glycogen and ATP were also significantly decreased when the rats were killed 5hr. after ethionine injection. 4. ATP, adenine or methionine did not prevent the decrease of liver GSH produced by ethionine. From these and other observations we conclude that ethionine is not an antagonist of methionine with respect to GSH metabolism. 5. The metabolic relationship between ethionine toxicity and liver GSH concentration is briefly discussed.

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