1. The distribution of triethyl[113Sn]tin chloride in the rat, guinea pig and hamster is not uniform, the highest concentrations being in rat blood and the liver of all three species. 2. Subcellular fractionation of rat liver, brain and kidney shows that triethyltin binds to all fractions to different extents. In the liver of the rat and guinea pig the supernatant fraction contains the largest amount and the highest specific concentration; this triethyltin is bound to a non-diffusible component. 3. Rat haemoglobin is responsible for the binding of triethyltin in rat blood (2 moles of triethyltin/mole of haemoglobin). Haemoglobins from other species have much less affinity for triethyltin. 4. A variety of other proteins do not bind triethyltin.

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