1. Shortly after the addition of phytohaemagglutinin to cultures, partially purified pig blood lymphocytes showed increased labelling of RNA by [5−3H]uridine and began to attach to the glass of the culture tubes. 2. In the presence of phytohaemagglutinin most cells became attached to glass during the first 5hr. of culture; those first attaching had a low mean RNA/DNA ratio. In the absence of phytohaemagglutinin cell attachment to glass was diminished. 3. During the first 5hr. of culture the rates of increase of radioactivity/unit of DNA of the attached and unattached populations in the presence of phytohaemagglutinin were of the same order and exceeded that of cultures without phytohaemagglutinin. 4. The increase of labelling in cultures to which phytohaemagglutinin was added after cells had sedimented to glass was greater than that occurring in cultures in which cells were resuspended before phytohaemagglutinin was added.

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