1. Comparative studies of the polyuridylic acid-directed phenylalanine-incorporating activity of cell-free systems derived from rat and chicken livers demonstrated markedly lower activity in the chicken liver system. 2. The chicken liver cell sap contained the factor(s) responsible for this lower activity. Ribosomes from chicken and rat performed equally well in the presence of rat liver cell sap. Chicken liver cell sap, when mixed with rat liver cell sap, caused an inhibition of incorporation of phenylalanine into acid-insoluble material. 3. Though ribosomal preparations and cell sap from both rat and chicken liver degraded polyuridylic acid to some extent, the chicken liver cell sap contained the largest amount of activity. 4. Rat liver cell sap inhibited the nuclease activities of ribosomal preparations, but no such nuclease inhibition could be demonstrated with chicken liver cell sap.

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