1. The composition of the sterol ester fraction of the shoot, root, scutellum and endosperm of 10-day-old maize seedlings was investigated. 2. The scutellum and endosperm together contain 80% of the sterol ester of the seedling. 3. β-Sitosteryl linoleate is the major sterol ester of the scutellum and endosperm. 4. β-Sitosteryl and stigmasteryl palmitate, palmitoleate, oleate and linoleate are the major sterol esters of the root. 5. In the shoot phytosterol linoleate is less abundant than phytosterol myristate, palmitate, palmitoleate and oleate. 6. There is a greater proportion of cholesteryl ester in the shoot than in the other tissues of the seedling.

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