1. The uptake and incorporation of [35S]sulphate into mucopolysaccharides by colon and duodenum in vitro are unaffected by the vitamin A status of the animals. 2. Uptake and incorporation in vivo are unaffected at 4hr. after injection of [35S]sulphate, but at later times are decreased in some tissues of vitamin A-deficient animals. 3. The rate of removal of 35S from blood, its rate of appearance in urine, the plasma concentration of sulphate and the uronic acid content of several tissues are not significantly altered in vitamin A deficiency. 4. These results, and direct measurement of 35S in mucopolysaccharides at various times after injection of [35S]sulphate, suggest that the synthesis of mucopolysaccharides is unaffected but that their turnover is increased in vitamin A deficiency. 5. Neither the growth rate of, nor the incorporation of [35S]sulphate into heparin by, P815Y and HC cultured neoplastic mast cells is decreased when the horse serum necessary for growth is treated with ultraviolet light or is replaced by serum from vitamin A-deficient rats. 6. The addition of citral is no more toxic to growth rate or to incorporation of 35S than is the addition of vitamin A itself. 7. It is concluded that neoplastic mast cells in culture do not require vitamin A for growth or for the synthesis of heparin. 8. None of these results is compatible with the view that vitamin A or a derivative is directly involved in the biosynthesis of sulphated mucopolysaccharides.

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