1. Incorporation of [14C]leucine into protein by isolated rat liver mitochondria was examined by using incubation media similar to those used by Sandell, Löw & Decken (1967) (medium A) and Roodyn, Reis & Work (1961) (medium B). The incorporation process was found to be almost completely inhibited in medium A. 2. By decreasing the amount of sucrose and omitting tris–hydrochloric acid from medium A, incorporation proceeded at a rate higher than that found in medium B. It was found that the inhibitory action of medium A was due to its high osmolarity. 3. Oxidative phosphorylation and RNA synthesis by the isolated mitochondria proceeded at the same rate in media essentially the same as media A and B. 4. There was a partial inhibitory action of medium A on leucine uptake by the mitochondria and also on the formation of leucyl-transfer-RNA. The major block of inhibition by the hyperosmolarity of medium A seemed to be located at a later step of protein synthesis involving mitochondrial ribosomes. 5. Protein synthesis by Escherichia coli B was only slightly inhibited, if at all, in hyperosmotic media in which protein synthesis by isolated mitochondria was completely stopped.

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