1. Rat costal cartilage was found to begin to calcify normally when the rats weigh 35–45g. 2. The cartilage is suggested as a model for the study in vivo of mechanisms concerned with normal calcification. 3. The model was tested by studying the incorporation of fluoride into the mineral deposited in the tissue. 4. The percentage of inorganic material in cartilage rose from approx. 3% of the dry weight in the uncalcified tissue to 62% in the tissue from rats weighing 300g. 5. Mineral deposited had a calcium/phosphorus molar ratio of 1·65. 6. After the oral administration of sodium fluoride to rats, fluoride was incorporated into cartilage mineral. 7. The concentration of fluoride in cartilage ash increased rapidly with calcification and the mineral became more highly fluoridated than the corresponding rib bone. 8. Fluoridated mineral showed a marked decrease in citrate concentration.

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