1. The effect of γ-irradiation in the range 1 krad–10 Mrads on freeze-dried acid-soluble collagen was studied. 2. The specific-rotation and reduced-viscosity recoveries after heating and cooling of the irradiated collagen in solution showed a high degree of dependence on irradiation dose, with reduced viscosity showing significantly less recovery than specific rotation on increasing the irradiation dose. 3. The dependence of reduced viscosity on concentration was greatly decreased with increased doses of γ-irradiation. 4. The melting temperature measured by optical rotation also decreased as the irradiation dose was increased, and at low doses was distinctly biphasic. 5. Physical properties showed that the action of γ-irradiation up to 10 Mrads occurred in two distinct phases, with the early changes being extremely sensitive to irradiation dose. 6. The action of the γ-irradiation is discussed in terms of the structure of tropocollagen.

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