1. As early as 1hr. after the intraperitoneal administration of tannic acid to rats, it could be demonstrated in the liver. At 3hr. the nuclear fraction contained the largest amount of tannic acid. 2. Nuclear RNA synthesis was inhibited in vivo 2hr. after the administration of tannic acid. Induction by cortisol of tryptophan pyrrolase was 90% inhibited at 24hr. 3. Incorporation of [1−14C]leucine into protein by liver slices from treated rats was decreased by 50% after 24hr. Its incorporation into postmitochondrial supernatant from treated animals was not inhibited. Incorporation into slices and postmitochondrial supernatants were inhibited in vitro by tannic acid. 4. The sequence of events: concentration of tannic acid in nuclei, inhibition of nuclear RNA synthesis, inhibition of protein synthesis and production of necrosis, is discussed.

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