Results are presented on the rate of thiamin cleavage by sulphite in aqueous solutions as affected by temperature (20–70°), pH(2·5–7·0), and variation of the concentration of either thiamin (1–20μm) or sulphite (10–5000μm as sulphur dioxide). Plots of the logarithm of percentage of residual thiamin against time were found to be linear and cleavage thus was first-order with respect to thiamin. At pH5 the rate was also found to be proportional to the sulphite concentration. In the pH region 2·5–7·0 at 25° the rate constant was 50m−1hr.−1 at pH5·5–6·0, and decreased at higher or lower pH values. The rate of reaction increased between 20° and 70°, indicating a heat of activation of 13·6kcal./mole.

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