1. A convenient synthesis of 24-methylene[23,25−3H3]dihydrolanosterol is described. 2. A general anaerobic–aerobic method for the incorporation of sterols into whole yeast cells is also described and illustrated by experiments with 3H-labelled lanosterol. 3. The method was used to convert labelled 24-methylene-dihydrolanosterol into ergosterol, in good yield, by Saccharomyces cerevisiae. 4. Degradation of the biosynthetic ergosterol provided confirmation of the conversion, which supports the proposed mechanism for the biosynthesis of the ergosterol side chain. 5. Mechanisms for the further conversion of the 24-methylene side chain into the ergosterol side chain are discussed and it was shown that a compound, [3α−3H1]-ergost-7-en-3β-ol, with a fully saturated side chain, can also be efficiently incorporated into ergosterol. 6. This result was confirmed by a procedure involving formation of the 5,8-epidioxide and subsequently the 5,8-epidioxy-22,23-epoxide of the biosynthetic ergosterol.

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