An insecticidal exotoxin from Bacillus thuringiensis var. thuringiensis (Berliner) has been purified. The efficiency of each stage of the purification has been ascertained and the yield of toxic material estimated by means of a quantitative bioassay. It is shown that the exotoxin is an adenine derivative substituted at position 9 and having a molecular weight of approximately 825. It can be dephosphorylated enzymically or chemically under conditions that define the exotoxin as a phosphomonoester. This results in loss of toxicity, both to insects and to mice. Spectroscopic and kinetic data are presented which suggest that a β-ribofuranosyl moiety may be attached to the adenine. Glucose and allomucic acid have been positively identified as hydrolysis fragments from the exotoxin. These results are discussed and compared with the results of others on similar (or possibly identical) compounds.

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