1. Two ribonucleases (aorta ribonuclease I and aorta ribonuclease II) from bovine aorta were purified 4611-fold and 667-fold respectively. Ethanolic precipitation, acid extraction, isoionic precipitation at pH3·5 and Bio-Rex 70 column chromatography were the methods employed. 2. Aorta ribonuclease I exhibited no deoxyribonuclease or alkaline phosphatase activity. 3. Aorta ribonuclease I appeared to be homogeneous when subjected to discontinuous gel electrophoresis. 4. Aorta ribonuclease II exhibited the same properties as aorta ribonuclease previously isolated. 5. The activities of the aorta ribonucleases and pancreatic ribonuclease on homopolymers and dinucleoside phosphates were compared. 6. Aorta ribonuclease I exhibited optimum pH7·5 and, under the assay conditions used, optimum temperature 60°.

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