1. The thiol and disulphide contents of hen ovalbumin were investigated by p-chloromercuribenzoate titration, by determination of cysteic acid content after performic acid oxidation, by measurement of uptake of radioactive iodoacetic acid, and by assay of S-aminoethylcysteine after reaction with ethyleneimine. All results showed that ovalbumin had 6 half-cystine residues. Experiments with and without reducing agents demonstrated that there were 4 thiol groups and 1 disulphide bond. 2. A peptide containing equimolar amounts of S-carboxymethyl-cysteine, serine, valine and proline, but no lysine or arginine, was obtained by radioactive labelling of the cysteine residues with iodo[14C]acetic acid followed by electrophoretic and chromatographic separation of tryptic digests. It was concluded that the C-terminal sequence of ovalbumin is -Cys-Val-Ser-Pro. 3. The location of the disulphide bond was studied by using a double-labelling technique. It was shown that one end of the disulphide was located in this C-terminal peptide.

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