Of the 16 alkali-stable dinucleotides known to be obtained by hydrolysis of commercial yeast RNA with alkali, 13 were prepared in quantities of the order of 10mg or more. The samples, with only one exception, contain at least 90% of dinucleotide, and spectroscopic constants and nucleotide-sequence determinations, although not conclusive, indicate a high degree of purity of these products. The small dinucleotide fraction in 150g of RNA hydrolysed with alkali (1–2% of the total nucleotides) was separated from the mononucleotides by stepwise ion-exchange chromatography on DEAE-cellulose columns and resolved into seven fractions containing from one to four different dinucleotides by electrophoresis on paper at pH3.0. These fractions were resolved into their constituent dinucleotides by chromatography in ammonium sulphate. Contamination of the products by impurities from the paper was minimized by washing it before using it for chromatography or electrophoresis and, by using a thick grade of paper (Whatman no. 17), it was possible to handle and purify relatively large quantities of nucleotides.

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