A strain of Aspergillus fumigatus Fresenius, isolated from spoiled hay, converts melilotic acid (o-hydroxyphenylpropionic acid) and o-coumaric acid into 4-hydroxycoumarin and dicoumarol. The sequence is shown to be melilotic acid (I) [Formula: see text] coumaric acid (IV) [Formula: see text] β-hydroxymelilotic acid (II) [Formula: see text] β-oxomelilotic acid (III) [Formula: see text] 4-hydroxycoumarin (VI), on the basis of (1) studies on the formation of postulated intermediates, (2) experiments with isotopically labelled materials and (3) sequential enzyme induction. In the presence of semicarbazide, o-coumaraldehyde is formed from o-coumaric acid: there is no evidence, however, that this lies on the normal metabolic pathway.

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