1. The spontaneous activation of δ-aminolaevulate synthetase in extracts from Rhodopseudomonas spheroides grown semi-anaerobically in the light requires oxygen and does not take place anaerobically in the dark. 2. Activation is completely prevented by azide or cyanide and is partially inhibited by chlorpromazine. These compounds inhibit markedly the succinoxidase activity of extracts. 3. NADH delays activation, but when it has been oxidized by the extract activation begins at the normal rate and complete activation occurs. By contrast both the rate and the extent of activation are markedly decreased by even small amounts of carboxylic acids. 4. The inhibitory effects of succinate and citrate on activation can be prevented by malonate and fluorocitrate respectively. 5. These results suggest that for activation to occur some endogenous compound has to be oxidized via the electron transport chain. 6. Activation occurs under anaerobic conditions in the light, probably by photo-oxidation.

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