Bacillus subtilis var. niger was grown in a chemostat with various growth limitations and at various growth rates. The wall content and composition of the organism grown under these conditions were determined. The wall content, expressed as a percentage of the dry weight of organisms, varied with the growth rate. Analysis of wall samples showed that their composition also varied, particularly with respect to the phosphorus content. Wall samples extracted with trichloroacetic acid under carefully controlled conditions were found to contain various amounts of phosphorus, this being present as a glycerol phosphate polymer containing hexose (glucose and in some cases galactose), i.e. a teichoic aid. Teichoic acids were present in the walls of organisms grown under all conditions except when phosphorus limited growth. Then a different anionic polymer, composed of glucuronic acid and N-acetylgalactosamine (a teichuronic acid), was present. Under the specific growth conditions at pH7.0 and 35°C in a chemostat, teichoic acid and teichuronic acid appeared to be mutually exclusive.

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