1. Insoluble elastin has been prepared by several different methods from adult bovine and calf ligamentum nuchae. Highly purified tropoelastin has been prepared from copper-deficient porcine aorta. 2. Amino acid analyses indicated that all preparations, except that obtained from calf ligamentum nuchae by using an EDTA extraction followed by collagenase digestion (preparation E6), were typical of pure elastin having high concentrations of hydrophobic and low concentrations of hydrophilic amino acids. Preparation E6 was found to contain approx. 40% collagen. 3. The determination and composition of the carbohydrates associated with these preparations is reported. With the exception of preparation E6, the insoluble elastins contained only trace amounts of neutral sugars (0.13–0.35%, w/w) and amino sugars (0.01–0.06%, w/w). The porcine tropoelastin contained virtually no carbohydrate. 4. The results suggest that carbohydrate analyses can yield valuable information about the purity of elastin preparations.

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