The concentration of taurine and the activities of cysteinesulphinate decarboxylase and glutamate decarboxylase have been measured in rat brain. During development, taurine exhibited a decrease in concentration unrelated to the activity of cysteinesulphinate decarboxylase which increased during the same period. The distribution of taurine in subcellular fractions of adult and 7-day-old rat brain was typical of most amino acids, whereas half of the cysteinesulphinate decarboxylase activity was found in the nerve-ending cytoplasm. In anatomical distribution, taurine displayed great regional heterogeneity but both cysteinesulphinate decarboxylase and glutamate decarboxylase were more evenly distributed. Hypertaurinaemia was shown to have no effect on the entry of glycine into the brain or on its utilization in protein synthesis.

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