1. Administration of a large dose (500mg/kg body wt.) of 3H-labelled l-ethionine to rats resulted in the incorporation of a small amount of radioactivity into the liver DNA. Considerable evidence that this radioactivity was not due to contamination of the isolated DNA with labelled protein, RNA, S-adenosyl-l-ethionine or l-ethionine was obtained. 2. After acidic hydrolysis of the DNA isolated from the livers of rats treated with labelled l-ethionine, virtually all of the radioactivity present in the DNA was found in a fraction with similar chromatographic properties to 7-ethylguanine. 3. Treatment of rats with comparable doses of l-methionine did not lead to the formation of 7-methylguanine in the liver DNA. 4. These results are discussed in relation to the induction of liver tumours by ethionine.

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