1. The β-lactamases specified by Klebsiella aerogenes 418 and the R-factor R-7268 have been partially purified. 2. The molecular weights of the K. aerogenes strains 418 and 373, Aerobacter cloacae 53, R-7268 and R-TEM β-lactamases were all about 20000; that of the enzymes from Escherichia coli strains 419 and 214T was about 31000. 3. These enzymes were also compared by means of their Km values for benzylpenicillin and ampicillin, and their behaviour on starch-gel electrophoresis. 4. The β-lactamases specified by the two Klebsiella strains, the Aerobacter strain, and the R-factors R-TEM and R-7268 were found to comprise a broadly similar group. However, within this group, only two enzymes seemed to be identical, namely those specified by the two R-factors. The two E. coli strains produce identical β-lactamases which are very different from the ‘Klebsiella/Aerobacter-type’ enzymes.

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