Incorporation of radioactive fucose into the immunoglobulin G1 myeloma protein secreted by mouse plasma-cell tumour MOPC 21 is stereospecific for the l-isomer. Heavy chains of the secreted form of the myeloma protein carry 90% of the label in fucose residues of their carbohydrate moieties. A small but significant amount of the intracellular immunoglobulin G1 of the mouse plasma-cell tumour MOPC 21 appears to be labelled. Serum in the incubation medium supplies low-molecular-weight diffusible substances necessary to maintain continuous secretion of fucose-labelled myeloma protein beyond 2–3h, and of leucine-labelled myeloma protein beyond 6–8h. In medium containing extensively dialysed serum the secretion of leucine- and fucose-labelled myeloma protein can be restored by the addition of 250μm-d-mannose, 250μm-d-galactose and 250μm-glucosamine. Synthesis and secretion appear to be facilitated in the presence of these sugars, although secretion of myeloma protein devoid of terminal fucose residues is possible for a limited time-period.

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