1. Leghaemoglobins were extracted from the root nodules of lupin (Lupinus luteus L.) and serradella (Ornithopus sativus Brot.) plants and fractionated into different leghaemoglobin components on DEAE-cellulose–acetate columns. 2. The first two fractions eluted from columns loaded with either lupin or serradella leghaemoglobins were in the Fe3+ oxidation state. 3. These components have protohaem IX as the prosthetic group and glycine as the N-terminal amino acid. 4. Other properties are: lupin component I, pI5.08, molecular weight 19000; lupin component II, pI5.13, molecular weight 20600; serradella component I, pI5.00, molecular weight 17500; serradella component II, pI5.05, molecular weight 19100. 5. Leghaemoglobins are thus heterogeneous with respect to size and charge.

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