1. A lipid–teichoic acid complex was isolated from Streptococcus faecalis N.C.I.B. 8191. The covalent nature of the linkage between teichoic acid and lipid was established. 2. The complex exhibits macromolecular properties in solution, and ultracentrifugation studies show that these are due to micelle formation. 3. From chemical studies it is concluded that the teichoic acid is a poly(glycerol phosphate) in which some of the glycerol hydroxyl groups possess kojibiosyl [2-O-α-d-glucopyranosyl-(1→2)-α-d- glucopyranosyl] substituents, together with d-alanine ester residues. 4. The lipid is 1-kojibiosyl diglyceride, already known as a membrane component of this organism, with probably a phosphatidyl substituent. The phosphatidyl kojibiosyl diglyceride is attached to the teichoic acid through a phosphodiester linkage, and the chain of the teichoic acid contains 28–35 units. 5. Although the complex represents the whole of the membrane teichoic acid in this organism, only about 12% of the membrane glycolipid is associated with teichoic acid. 6. Two phosphatidyl glycolipids, closely resembling that bearing the teichoic acid, were isolated from the lipids of the organism and were partly characterized.

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