1. In liver, rumen epithelium and kidney cortex of the sheep, a dehydrogenase active against dl-3-hydroxybutyrate occurred in both the cytosol and particulate fractions of the tissues. In brain, heart, skeletal and smooth muscles, the enzyme occurred only in the particulate fraction. 2. Enzyme activity in the cytoplasmic fraction of liver and rumen epithelium was similar with either d(-)-3-hydroxybutyrate or dl-3-hydroxbutyrate, but was less with acetoacetate as the substrate. The cytosol fraction of kidney cortex showed very little activity with d(-)-3-hydroxybutyrate, confirming that most of the activity with dl-3-hydroxybutyrate was with the l(+) isomer in this tissue. 3. 3-Hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase activities in the cytosol and particulate fractions of liver, rumen epithelium and kidney cortex and in the particulate fraction of brain tissue were not stimulated by phosphatidylcholine, unlike the enzyme in sheep muscle and in tissues of other species. 4. The activity of 3-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase was not increased significantly in any of the tissues of ketonaemic sheep. 5. Comparison of rates of 3-hydroxybutyrate production in vivo with the enzyme activity in ketogenic tissue suggested that in sheep the maximum rate of production might be limited by this activity.

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