Haemoglobin mRNA isolated from EDTA-treated polyribosomes has an apparent molecular weight of 120000–180000 estimated by condensation with 3H-labelled isoniazid after periodate oxidation. Analysis of the ribonuclease digests of isoniazid-labelled RNA by paper electrophoresis and column chromatography enables the amount of contaminating 18S, 7S, 5S and 4S RNA to be estimated, and a corrected molecular weight of globin mRNA as the acid is 161000 or 500 nucleotides in length. This molecule contains two groups of 3′-terminal sequences in equal yield; G-Y-A6 and G-Y-A7 in the ratio 3:2, and G-N9–16-Y-A2 and G-N9–16-Y-N3 in the ratio 3:2. The significance of these sequences is discussed in relation to the poly(A) content of globin mRNA, the specificity of the sequences, and possible function in processing and biosynthesis of mRNA.

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