1. Arvin, a commercial preparation of the coagulant activity from the venom of Agkistrodon rhodostoma, is shown to contain a non-coagulant caseinolytic fraction. 2. A method is described for the purification of the coagulant enzyme free from any detectable contaminating protein. 3. The coagulant enzyme is identified as a glycoprotein which probably consists of a single polypeptide chain containing approx. 29% by weight of carbohydrate. Amino acid and carbohydrate analyses are reported and the N- and C-terminal amino acid residues identified. 4. Electrophoresis on polyacrylamide gel reveals the polymorphic nature of the glycoprotein. Five forms of the enzyme are observed. 5. The coagulant action is correlated with an arginine esterase activity and kinetic properties are studied with both arginine and lysine esters as substrates. The inhibitory nature of guanidine and arginine toward the esterase activity is reported.

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