1. Evidence is given for the presence of at least five pepsinogens in a crude extract of mixed chicken stomachs. One of these was purified and could be activated to yield a single pepsin. 2. The molecular weights of the pepsinogen and pepsin were 36000 and 34000 respectively. The pepsin associated at low pH values and low ionic strength. 3. The amino acid analyses of both proteins are given. The pepsin was devoid of phosphate but contained carbohydrate. 4. The N-terminal amino acids of pepsinogen and pepsin were serine and threonine respectively. Five amino acids were released by carboxypeptidase A and it was deduced that serine may be the C-terminal one. 5. Each protein contained one thiol group per molecule as determined by titration with p-chloromercuribenzoate. The rate of the reaction was very rapid with pepsin, but much slower with pepsinogen, although the same group appeared to react in both instances. The enzymic activity of pepsin was unaffected by the modification. 6. The isoionic point of the pepsin was close to pH4.0 and the enzyme was stable for long periods at pH values up to 7.0. 7. The enzyme hydrolysed bisphenyl sulphite almost as rapidly as did pig pepsin A.

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