1. Treatment of a partly purified preparation of rat liver monoamine oxidase with the chaotropic agent sodium perchlorate caused the enzyme to migrate as a single band of activity of polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis, whereas the untreated enzyme separated into a number of bands. 2. Treatment with the chaotropic agent caused no loss of enzyme activity towards benzylamine, dopamine or tyramine. 3. The activities of the untreated preparation towards different substrates were inhibited to different extents by heat treatment and by some inhibitors. No such differences could be detected after the enzyme preparation had been treated with sodium perchlorate. 4. Lipid material, which could be separated by gel filtration, was liberated from the enzyme preparation by sodium perchlorate treatment. 5. The molecular weight of the treated enzyme was found to be 380000±38000. 6. Perchlorate treatment altered the solubility of the enzyme. 7. A continuous assay method for monoamine oxidase is described.

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