A new plot is described for analysing the results of kinetic experiments in which the Michaelis–Menten equation is obeyed. Observations are plotted as lines in parameter space, instead of points in observation space. With appropriate modifications the plot is applicable to most problems of interest to the enzyme kineticist. It has the following advantages over traditional methods of plotting kinetic results: it is very simple to construct, because it is composed entirely of straight lines and requires no calculation or mathematical tables; the kinetic constants are read off the plot directly, again without calculation; it may be used during the course of an experiment to judge the success of the experiment, and to modify the experimental design; it provides clear and accurate information about the quality of the observations, and identifies aberrant observations; it provides a clear indication of the precision of the kinetic constants; constructed with care, it provides unbiased estimates of the kinetic constants, the same as those provided by a computer program; it may be used to simulate results for illustrative purposes very rapidly and simply.

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