1. A lactating-sheep mammary gland was perfused for 12h in the presence of l-[2-14C]-citrulline and received adequate quantities of glucose, acetate and amino acids. Two lactating-goat udders were similarly perfused in the presence of either l-[carbamoyl-14C,-2-14C]citrulline or l-[carbamoyl-14C,1-14C]citrulline and l-[4-3H]arginine. 2. In these experiments, [14C]citrulline was substantially oxidized to CO2 and converted into arginine and proline of casein. 3. The specific radioactivities of arginine, ornithine and proline of the plasma increased after passage through the udders, demonstrating that [14C]citrulline is metabolized by the mammary gland. 4. The presence of two unknown radioactive metabolites of [14C]citrulline was detected in the perfusate. These substances were not found after incubation in vitro of oxygenated blood in the presence of the radioactive precursor. 5. From these experiments, it is concluded that citrulline is metabolized in mammary tissue by way of arginine to urea, ornithine and proline.

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