1. Homogenates of neural lobes of bovine pituitary glands were fractionated by differential ultracentrifugation. 2. Neurosecretory vesicles were isolated by sucrose-gradient ultracentrifugation and membranes were obtained after hypo-osmotic lysis of the particles. 3. A method is described for the isolation of a preparation of purified neuronal plasma membranes by using a fraction enriched in nerve endings as a starting material. 4. The purity of the subcellular fractions was estimated by enzyme assays and by examination with the electron microscope. 5. On the basis of the results it was estimated that neuronal plasma membranes constitute more than 30% of the protein of the nerve endings and neurosecretory vesicles more than 45% of the total amount of protein in the homogenate. 6. The proteins of membranes of neurosecretory vesicles and of plasma membranes were solubilized by means of sodium dodecyl sulphate. Polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis of such preparations showed that both membranes contained a large number of proteins, including three glycoproteins.

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