1. H+ titration was used to detect the presence of ionizable groups on human erythrocyte plasma membranes. Between pH2.9 and 11.3, two significant peaks of H+ association/dissociation occur in the differential from of the titration curve, one at pH3. 1. And the other at pH10.3. 2. After disruption of membrane structure by exposure to high pH or by the addition of sodium dodecyl sulphate, maxima of H+ association/dissociation were seen at pH3.1,4.3,6.5,10.3 and 10.7. 3. Spectrophotometric assay and selective chemical treatments were used to identify several of the titratable residues. 4. The degree of eleectrostatic interaction between titratable charged groups was investigated by comparing the titration characteristics of the membranes before and after modification of membrane structure.

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