The distribution and properties of neutral peptidases acting on the peptide hormone bradykinin (Arg-Pro-Pro-Gly-Phe-Ser-Pro-Phe-Arg) were determined in several rabbit tissues. The supernatant and particulate fractions prepared from tissue homogenates (25000g for 60min) were studied. Bradykinin inactivation (kininase activity) was measured by bioassay with the isolated guinea-pig ileum. The sites of peptide-bond cleavage were determined in the amino acid analyser, which permits detection and measurement of amino acids and peptides derived from bradykinin. The results indicate that kininases are present in a wide range of concentrations in different tissues, kidney and lung having the most activity. Kininases present in different tissues were distinguished on the basis of sensitivity to the effects of EDTA, dithiothreitol and ZnCl2 and by the site of peptide-bond hydrolysis in bradykinin.

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