1. A non-pepsin proteinase, proteinase 2, was successfully isolated free from pepsinogen (by repetitive chromatography on DEAE- and CM-celluloses) from the gastric mucosa of a patient with a duodenal ulcer and the uninvaded mucosa of a patient with a gastric adenocarcinoma. 2. Proteinases 1a and 1b, found in gastric adenocarcinoma, were not found in the gastic mucosa of these patients. 3. Proteinase 2 was shown to have an asymmetrical broad pH-activity curve with a maximum over the pH range 3.0-3.7. 4. Proteolytic activity of proteinase 2 was inhibited by pepstatin; the concentration of pepstatin giving 50% inhibition is of the order of 3nm. 5. Inhibition of proteolytic activity by carbenoxolone and related triterpenoids indicated that at pH 4.0 proteinase 2 possesses structural characteristics relating it to the pepsins and at pH 7.4 to the pepsinogens. 6. The sites of cleavage of the B-chain of oxidized insulin for proteinase 2 at pH 1.7 and pH 3.5 were shown to be similar to those previously established for human pepsin 3 and for the cathepsin E of rabbit bone marrow. 7. The non-pepsin proteinase 2 (cathepsin) of human gastric mucosa has properties more similar to cathepsin E than to the cathepsins D.

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