1. Myofibrils from human skeletal muscle contained regulatory proteins exhibiting similar electrophoretic behaviour to those present in rabbit skeletal muscle. 2. All human skeletal muscles examined contained two forms of troponin I corresponding to the forms already characterized in fast and slow rabbit muscle. 3. The ratios of the amounts of the two forms of troponin I in different human skeletal muscles were not identical with the ratios for the type 1 to type 2 fibres published in the literature. The ratios could, however, be arranged in the same rank order. 4. Primate heart contained a single form of troponin I different in molecular weight and amino acid composition from the skeletal forms. 5. A monospecific antiserum to human cardiac troponin I was prepared in the sheep and shown not to react with the fast or slow skeletal-muscle forms of troponin I from human and other species. 6. The anti-(human cardiac-muscle troponin I) reacted with the cardiac troponin I from the human, baboon, rabbit and rhesus monkey. Positive reactions were also obtained with urea extracts of whole cardiac tissue.

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