1. Membranes from erythrocytes heterozygous for the Mk and Miltenberger Class V (Mi.V) condition and membranes from erythrocytes homozygous for the Mg condition were studied by polyacrylamide-gel electrophoresis by using the periodate/Schiff stain binding of radioiodinated lectins and labelling with lactoperoxidase. 2. Both the Mk and Mi.V conditions are associated with a decreased content of the major blood-group-MN-active sialoglycoprotein. 3. An unusual blood-group-M-active membrane component was found in Mi.V cells of appropriate genotype. No comparably component was found in Mk erythrocytes. 4. The Mg antigen appears to result from a modification of the MN-active sialoglycoprotein found in normal cells. Our results suggest that the Mg sialoglycoprotein contains fewer sialotetrasaccharides than does the normal sialglycoprotein. This may result from changes in the amino acid sequence of the protein. 5. The results are discussed in relation to differences in the antigenic properties of Mk, Mi.V and Mg cells and their possible influence on the structure of the surface of each of these cells.

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