1. 1 alpha-Hydroxy[7-3H]cholecalciferol (specific radioactivity of 2-Ci/mmol) was synthesized, and its metabolism in chicks studied. 2. 1 alpha-Hydroxy[7-3H]cholecalciferol was metabolized very rapidly in the chick to 1 alpha,25-dihydroxy[7-3H]cholecalciferol and to a metabolite less polar than 1 alpha-hydroxycholecalciferol. Intestine exhibited highest accumulation of 1 alpha-25-dihydroxy[7-3H]cholecalciferol, and liver exhibited highest accumulation of the non-polar metabolite. 3. Tissue uptake of 1 alpha-hydroxy[7-3H]cholecalciferol and its metabolites in chicks that were dosed continuously for 16 days with 1 alpha-hydroxy[7-3H]cholecalciferol did not exceed by very much that observed in tissues obtained from chicks that were dosed with a single injection of 1 alpha-hydroxy[7-3H]cholecalciferol 24 h before killing, except for liver and kidney. 4. Lowest accumulation of metabolites was noted in muscle and bone, and for the latter, highest uptake of 1 alpha,25-dihydroxy[7-3H]cholecalciferol was noted in the epiphysial periosteum and the metaphysis. 5. Formation of 1 alpha,24,25-trihydroxy[7-3H]cholecalciferol was not observed in the chicks that were dosed continuously with 1 alpha-hydroxy[7-3H]cholecalciferol, despite the fact that plasma calcium and phosphorus were normal and despite the presence of renal 24-hydroxylase activity. 6. The vitamin D status of the chicks did not appear to affect the metabolic profile of the administered 1 alpha-hydroxy[7-3H]cholecalciferol.

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